It’s a big world out there…GO EXPLORE!!!

It feels good to be lost in the right direction…Dare to See and Explore What Is Around You!!!

It’s an old phrase that “when in doubt,travel”. Ever wondered why it is said so.

Travelling is not just a treat to your eyes,it’s a treat to your soul. It’s a way to find your inner true self.

We have engaged ourselves so much in our 9-5 life that we forget that there is so much to explore out there. We are not born to be caged at single place and get bored.The world has so much to offer to us and we are missing all that by getting stuck at a single place for so long.Obviously,it sucks to be stuck in a rut.

Remember the times when we were child,we used to be so vibrant, carefree,dramatic and dreamt that once we grew up,we would do all those kind of stuffs or go to all those places ,but now when we can take steps in the direction of fulfilling all those little yet valuable dreams,we have captivated ourselves by our thoughts and find a excuse of everything for not doing it.

Excuses of today will become regret of tomorrow.So,stop giving yourselves all those excuses,get out of your excuse zone and work smart to make your dreams come true.Instead of thinking hard to make excuses,do hard so that you don’t have to make those excuses. Fly around the world, stopping over in all of the places you’ve always wanted to visit.

Everyone has a bucket list full of travel goals.But due to n number of reasons,we keep postponing it.And this postponement continues.Because we have made ourselves so used to of this that we forget that “Where there is a Way,there is a Will”.

Travelling to different places is not only restricted to getting opportunity to see new places.It’s an opportunity to you to know yourselves better.It introduces you to your inner self. It brings your latent skills to the surface which you were never aware of.Besides this,travelling to new places mould you into incredibly more well-rounded human being.Because travelling results in introduction of unexpected instances and the way you deal with it boosts your self confidence.

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” Travelling to a new place would make you experience all sort of things.When you do something which you have never done in life,it can be anything like successful ordering food in a foreign restaurant where you don’t understand their language and doing crazy stuffs etc provide you with life time of experiences and some really cool stories to tell to your children and your grand children when you get old.

There’s something satisfying about being able to throw around a few words of Greek, knowing how to say thanks in Thai, pulling out that long dormant Spanish to book a room in Santiago, or simply hearing a language you didn’t know existed just a few weeks before.

At last,the culture and rituals you get to see,the people you meet,the different flavors of food you taste refresh you and when you come back to your work,you will be a person with lots of memories,experience and with a different perspective to look at the world.

Thus, traveling is more than just moving from your city to some other place for the purpose of relaxing. It is a permanent change in you which helps you to grow constantly as a person.

So,when in doubt,travel.

Because “All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost”





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