Tourists don’t know where they’ve been, travellers don’t know where they’re going.”

Are you a traveller or a tourist? Ways to be a traveller? Be a traveller not a tourist…

You may have encountered with these kind of articles or blogs a number of times.There is an endless traveller vs tourist debate and it gonna be never stop. Because people out there will always judge and labelled you and tell you what is right and wrong.

Like seriously,people also discuss about the way you are travelling.And whether you are travelling in the right way or not. Quite frankly (in my opinion) it’s a load of supercilious crap that is full of stupid stereotypes and implies one way of travelling is better or inferior to the other.

You will always be told to be a traveller and not a tourist.There are some differences which people have defined about a tourist and a traveller like Tourists squander; travelers wander.Tourists dream about home; travelers feel at home in foreign places.Tourists haul their baggage with them; travelers travel light.Tourists need maps; travelers are off the grid.Tourists take pictures non-stop; travelers take it all in. The traveler sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see.

Why do we have to be either one of them? Why can’t we just be a person who likes the world and loves to explore it?

When someone has very limited time to incorporate all the things of a country,he cover all the tourist places. Because obviously,these are the places which might be famous because of some particular reasons.It will be wrong to judge him and tell him that you travel in the wrong way.On the other hand, it may be possible when the same person gets enough time and money,he go out to explore beyond tourist places.

At the same time,it can also be possible that someone is interested  only in visiting tourist places  and there is someone out who only explore less explored areas.

It should be a person’s choice that how they want to travel.There is no right way of travelling. As long as we are travelling in a responsible way and respecting the culture of the place we are in, who are we to travel-shame others?

Surely everyone’s journey is their own and however they choose to travel is up to them. The fact that we all share a desire to go out there and see this world is all that truly matters.Why does it need to be a competition?

The point of travel is always to explore and gain experience and be open to changing your perspective. We are all different people with unique preferences, it only makes sense that we will all travel in different ways.

I believe that traveling is all about pushing your own personal comfort zone. And something that may be tame and normal for one person is a wild change or new experience for another. The goal is to return home having learned more about yourself than when you left.

Aside from that, it’s your life and your own experience. Do what you want and have an amazing time doing it!

What do you think? Should people be labelled one of the other? Does it matter? Leave a comment with your thoughts!


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